2 Juki JX-100 Hi Speed Pick and Place machines

Juki KP 620 Pick and Place machine

YesTech Automated Optical Inspection

Glenbrook RX-113HV X-Ray

Koh Young KY-3020T SPI Station 

Speedline MPM vision screenprinter

Heller reflow oven

Juki JT RS-600 II Lead-Free Reflow Oven

SCS Ionograph Ionic Contamination Tester

Fancort PCBA De-Panelizer

3 -Molex 3000 Presses

Komax Kappa 310 Cutter/Stripper

Komax Gamma 255 Lead Maker

Komax 50 Tubing Cutter

Air Vac pcbrm Solder Fountain

Cami Cable Eye V5

Various Inspection Scopes

Schleuniger Eco-Strip 9300