In 2002 Don Albright started Team with three employees, a Komax stripper, a soldering iron, and one customer.

Don first got started in manufacturing working with his parents at CBA, a circuit board assembly company they formed in 1989. After working at CBA for two years, he started his first company, Summit Manufacturing, in 1995 where he manufactured mostly cables and occasionally PCB assemblies for various companies in North Carolina's Tech and Research park, RTP.

After growing Summit to twenty five employees, he sold Summit to Flextronics in 2000. Don continued to work for Flextronics for a year after the sale. After taking a year off, Don decided it was time to start another company, and launched Team Manufacturing. In Team's first year, doing exclusively cable work, we secured first customer. Team continued to grow slowly, adding a handful of customers and growing from three employees to thirty by 2013. Since then, we have added two PCBA SMT lines, increased interconnect and electro-mechanical production, and still continue to grow.

In 2012 Dean Albright, Don’s brother, joined Team to help Don run and grow the operation. Dean also got his start in manufacturing at CBA then moved to Flextronics, where he worked for 10 years. He has since earned his MBA and has been a catalyst for growth at Team. He is now part owner of the company along with Don.

Our production workforce consists of many highly trained individuals. Many employees got their start at CBA and Flextronics, receiving excellent training at both companies, carrying over much experience and expertise to Team.

The most important player at Team has always been our customers. Our customers have found our relationship to be an essential asset to their operations. All interested parties are consistently treated with respect and the utmost priority, maximizing our profitability together. Our largest customers have been working with us from the beginning and we are always exited to welcome new customers. Our core partners have always come to Team for support over the years because of the quality, response time, and unparalleled personal service that we guarantee.

As we have always done in the past, Team is more than ready to adapt to our customers' needs and grow with them in an expanding economy and advancing tech industry. As our customers are out designing and implementing products to shape the world, we are behind the scenes working hard to make sure they can do it on time with unmatched quality.